NuFile 2.0

Create a new document in just two clicks


  • Incredibly simple and lightweight
  • Supports unlimited file types



    Creating a new document can be a drawn-out process sometimes. Whether it's an Excel spreadsheet, Word document or PHP script, it usually takes ages to open the application and plough through the menus to launch a new file.

    NuFile takes all this rigmarole away by allowing you to open a new document with just two clicks - one to open the contextual menu and another to select the type of file you want to create.

    The great thing about the program is that it supports an infinite number of document types because you can add new formats via the group manager.

    NuFile is a contextual menu plug-in. It adds a new file menu when you right click at a folder(i. e. desktop or Finder background); just like what you can do in Windows.

    With this menu, you can create an empty file of your favourite type with just two clicks. It's a time saver especially if you have a two-button mouse (ex: Apple's sleeky mighty mouse) or if you use RazzFazz's iScroll2.



    NuFile 2.0

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